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Pick-Your-Potion Centerpiece
Spooky Silhouette Embroidery Hoops
Boo-tiful Birdhouses
Haunted House Napkin Rings
Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses
Serving Bowl Funkins™
Ghostly Dress Decor
Skeleton Scarecrow

Loved it to death! This spectacular centerpiece was one part wicked witch, two parts mad scientist and a big dash of fun! Everyone got a kick out of the names on the bottles and wondered what was inside each one. A sorceress never tells!

The bewitching bats, sinister spider and menacing mouse were welcome guests at our party! They looked especially eerie hanging in the window with moonlight penetrating through the lace. We can’t wait until next Halloween to hang them again!

It was so easy creating our very own haunted miniature village! We painted unfinished wood birdhouses black then added on swirls of white paint and sprinkles of black glitter. Everyone liked how each house had a slightly different design!

Dinner was a smash! Food was fabulous and the handmade napkin rings were a hit. The hand-drawn haunted houses impressed everyone, even the guys! From now on, these nifty napkin rings will be coming out every Halloween.

I never knew chalkboard paint was so versatile! The party was more fun sipping on “Witches Brew” and “Sock Sweat” from these cleverly crafted glasses. We all raised our ghoulish goblets and made a toast to a spellbinding night of tricks & treats!

I absolutely adored this and so did everyone else! Zebra print fabric and black glitter gave this plain pumpkin a glitzy makeover. I had to refill the candy every five minutes – people could not stop taking treats from this spooktacular serving bowl!

An unexpected guest crashed the party! This ghostly visitor didn’t say much but loved to “hang around”! We all took a picture with her before she floated off. Actually, we took her down at the end of the night then scared the kids with her in the morning!

For someone who’s dead, this guy was the life of the party! And he acted like a gentleman all evening! We’ll definitely invite him next year, but maybe we’ll ask him to stand outside and greet our guests as they arrive.

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