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Funkins™ Toss Game
Paisley Floor Pillows
Embroidered Cup Sleeves
Masks & Mustaches
Paisley Peacock Cake
Velvet Pumpkins

The kids cleverly described this as “cornhole with pumpkins”. They all went bananas when the lights were turned off and the pumpkins started glowing! This fun-to-make project with an unexpected twist made the party a real blast!

Everyone loved lounging around on these comfy floor pillows. The kids may not have realized what paisley was at first, but by then end of the party, it was their favorite shape! I also loved how they noticed that the pillows matched the cup sleeves and cake.

“Wow, these are way cooler than plain cups,” my daughter’s best friend said. And the other kids all agreed. They each liked having a cup with their own one-of-a-kind sleeve! The embroidery gave each one a personal touch that the kids appreciated.

The cameras came out as soon as everyone saw these fun disguises! The girls picked out their masks, the guys chose their mustaches, then the posing and picture-taking began. They’ll be posting, sharing and liking these pics for a long time.

The whole gang was immediately impressed when we brought out the cake – even the boys! “I want to learn how to decorate a cake like that,” someone said. My daughter helped me make the paisley designs and really enjoyed it!

“These are the prettiest pumpkins I've ever seen," one girl said. Even though the pumpkins were made for the party, my daughter asked if she could decorate her room with them afterwards. Knowing they would look great, I said, "Of course you can!"

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